Skin Mapping Analysis: the Solution to Understanding your Spots

Skin mapping analysis is recommended if you’re usually not prone to acne, but occasionally have spots on your face. To understand the causes and origins of these spots, we explain everything face-mapping is about to get the beautiful skin you deserve.

Spots on the forehead


You have either a hormonal imbalance, or it is your belly that sends you an alarm. To prevent your skin from producing too much sebum, learn to eat well, rebalance your diet and do a detox cure.

Best piece of advice: Drink green tea to eliminate toxins!

Spots on the jawline


Where is the problem? It’s the hormones!

Generally, these small buttons on the jaw appear in a period of rules.

Best piece of advice: hydrate yourself well and think about cleaning your face morning and evening with adapted products.

Spots on the chin


Where is the problem? Watch your diet!

If pimples appear on your chin, you have either a hormonal imbalance, or it is your stomach that is sending you an alarm.

To prevent your skin from producing too much sebum, learn to eat well, rebalance your diet and do a detox to cure your impurities. Drink green tea to eliminate toxins of your body!

Spots on the nose


Check your cholesterol levels! Junk food is convenient and too good for some. But it’s not necessarily the best thing to eat when you suffer from acne. To get rid of your imperfections, reduce all foods based on bad fats. Goodbye to pizzas, burgers, and other very sweet sodas.

Best piece of advice: favour good fats: eat avocado, olive oil, salmon, sardines, almonds and lots of dark green vegetables (like broccoli).

Spots on the cheeks


The first reason that could explain the appearance of spots on your cheeks is the state of your makeup brushes. They can easily be full of bacteria. They should, therefore, be cleaned very regularly (once a week). Same for the pillowcase! Change it every week so your face does not land on a bacteria nest whilst sleeping.

Spots between the eyebrows


Several factors can cause the appearance of spots between the eyebrows. Alcohol first. If your liver is abused by alcoholic beverages, it is imperative to take care of it. Drop the cocktails to detoxify your liver. And remember: alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.

Another possible reason? Food intolerance. Your body then raises an alert through rashes.

Best piece of advice: get rid of some food and check your skin reaction when you eat novelties.

And finally…

Spots on the temples

Watch out for your kidney!

Again, drink plenty of water and hydrate and forget about coffee. The goal here is to flush toxins out of your body. And of course, you do not have to wait for the spots to appear to drink water. It also works in prevention!

Good luck!

Autumn has defo started!  So, start your new beauty routine now and take care of yourself this winter enjoying the little tips we will be giving you this winter to get the most beautiful side of yourself next summer 2019! Believe me, it’s going to coming around very quickly.

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