Your Look & Attitude


Personal Styling

You want to gain a deep understanding of what clothes work for you, find the confidence to make the right choices when you shop and maximise your wardrobe budget with just the right piece, or attract ideal date/client/business partners through a polished appearance.

We’re here to help you take back control of your style and get the assistance to find the attitude, appearance and style that look amazing on you and help you finally get what you truly want out of life.

After an initial consultation, you will have a 90-minute consultation to understand your approach, your lifestyle, your tastes, your expectations and your desires. You will get out of your consultation a lookbook which would include a morphological facial analysis, customised advice from our make-up artists (you can get a customised self-make-up course which will capitalise on your assets and will select the colours and the best products for you, colourimetric analysis with your colour palette, a full morphological body analysis (customised advice regarding clothing, accessories, glasses, your assets, and your colours, materials and shapes).

Upon our consultations, we will work on posture and body language, dining or social etiquette session; and You’ll be a completely new lady, embracing change with a self -assured look inked forever on a personal style prescription lookbook.

A variety of packages are available for you from a full makeover with Reinvent Yourself, to a one-off consultation with Become a Style Icon and Become a Couture Icon, there is always something for every wallet. Get in touch now and call +44 7527 310 180.

Be The Red-Carpet Queen

You’re going to an exceptional event and need help to pick the dress to make you stand out from the crowd. We are here to help – you don’t have to be a celebrity to work with a stylist. We will start with a 90-minute consultation to understand your approach, your expectations and your desires.

And you will get a one-day shopping and learning experience with a member of Celest Lifestyle, personalised fashion tips, your personal style prescription, a dining & social etiquette session (optional), and access to outfits from designers (optional).

We’ll work with you to create a head-to-toe style that flatters your body and makes you feel comfortable and amazing. You’ll be the Queen of the night with everybody at your knees.

Give Your Wardrobe Some Frenchness

You make your style a priority but can’t pull it together… Or you have fabulous clothes but you’re unhappy with the way they look on you… Or sorting through your cabinet is a nightmare… until now! This service offers a thorough evaluation and an organisation of your entire dresser.

Not only will you get a complete consultation of your wardrobe, but you will also get a complete organisation as well. Our philosophy is “less is more” and “quality over quantity”, which is also a philosophy French women have had as their style mantra for hundreds of years. We will put together outfits from your wardrobe, discuss what you can get rid of, and point out what you should add to it. Then the organisation begins. You are guaranteed a highly functional system that will make your closet much easier to sort through.

In fact, we will go through your entire wardrobe and put together new outfits for you, as well as discuss new pieces that could benefit it. Pictures of your statement pieces will be put into a small booklet along with the new ideas discussed during the consultation. Please do contact us to get a personalised quote.

International Shopping: Stay At Home – I’ll Shop For You Around The World

You want that bag you saw in Paris and can’t seem to find it in London; or, you want that Gucci bag only available in Milan – we’re here to get them for you and shop for you! This service is ideal if you live in London or abroad, and wish to buy exclusive pieces in the most exclusive boutiques in the world – you stay at home and we’ll shop for you! ease do contact us to get a personalised quote.

Personal Shopping In London

Everyone needs an objective eye sometimes to help them compose the ultimate look out of the vast range of fashion choices available in shops. The skill and the experience of a personal stylist can alleviate the stress and increase the excitement and the pleasure of creating your own unique wardrobe.

Make shopping less of a chore. With this service, all the work is done for you. We will pre-select pieces based on your shopping needs. During your appointment, we will work one-to-one with you as you try them all on. There is no minimum budget for this personal shopping service. You do not have to buy a thing if you don’t want to!

Please do contact us to get a personalised quote.

La French Touch – Shop In Paris With Me

You’re spending a few days in Paris and need someone to shop-guide you in the most fashionable city in the world, discovering the most exclusive and unexpected Parisian fashion boutiques. We’re here!

French women are known for exuding a style and confidence that stems from commitment to always looking one’s best. It’s not about designer clothes. It’s not about glitziness. And, it is not about showcasing the flash-in-the-pan trends. To French women, style is a matter of keeping things simple but never dishevelled.

Parisian chic comprises of classically cut fashion pieces worn in an unexpected, yet perfectly elegant way. They have a superb taste in clothes and value classic style, but they don’t dress in an arrogant, exuberant and opulent way. They keep it sophisticated, trendy and yet chic –and that’s how we want you to look!

Please do contact us to get more details about this package.

Custom Packages

Not sure what package would work best for you? I designed my packages as a starting point while knowing that every person is different. Contact me and I will build you a styling package tailored to your needs. My work is bespoke and my goal is to bring chicness, elegance & style into your life. I look forward to hearing from you!