Lifestyle & Etiquette

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Celest Lifestyle will bring the essential key to perfect professional and social integration: soak up codes of propriety while respecting your personal values, allow you to be more at ease in all situations and introduce you to the implicit codes of “good society”. We have at heart to help you capture that knowledge so that your personality and values can improve. After a theoretical approach adapted to reality and your expectations, you will discover etiquette through practice and example scenarios.

To get yourself refined as the perfect lady or gent, our Art de Vivre and Etiquette packages will perfect your etiquette, behaviour and mannerisms and will lead you into the most exclusive places in London. These packages are developed to educate individuals to become gentlemen or ladies of the 21st century. We will provide you with the essential set of skills you need to succeed in business and in your personal life. It will help you win admirers, get contracts, and earn promotions because you’ll be the one who always knows the right thing to say or do… Courtesy of us!

Art of Tasting

Learn how to truly appreciate excellence with a special tasting process involving all five senses. How do you eat your caviar? Cheese? Chocolate? How do you drink your wine? Your whisky? Your spirits?
Chocolates, sweets, cheeses, wines, cocktails, cigars and spirits can be enjoyed with a passion. Learn to discover, to smell and to associate like the finest connoisseurs.

Social Etiquette Course

Social etiquette involves etiquette in social situations and focuses on social gatherings, such as dinners and parties. Learn how to receive, be a polite guest, make toasts, and about your duties as a host and /or as a guest, etc.

Is hosting a pleasure? Does your table reflect the attention that you have for all your needs: Colour? Setting? Decor? Season? Get inspiration and tips about colours and materials to use, information on the table runner to the place card to the highlighting and folding of table napkins – we invite you to learn the tableware codes by actualising them. This package is often combined with Dining Etiquette.

Dining Etiquette

Which fork goes with the salad and why do we have so many spoons? Which glass is for water and which one is for white wine? We provide a hands-on consultation in a dining environment so you can learn by doing.

International Protocols

International protocol, also known as international etiquette, covers how to interact with people from different countries and/or cultures.

This consultation will cover status recognition, dining customs and other aspects of doing business or interacting with people from different cultures.

Gent Etiquette

Just for the fact that gallantry is the art of valuing a woman, learn to master all the subtleties without mannerism or fuss. Discover the uses of the perfect gentleman through scenarios from everyday life.

What are the codes for a first date? How to value the woman you’re seducing? What rules to follow to feel comfortable in a fine restaurant? All these questions and more will be answered during this session tailor-made for you.

Art de Vivre

New in London? Do You want to learn about Londoners’ way of life? We will be able to help by providing guidance on real estate, leisure, automotive & transportation, personal branding, interior design, floral art, art objects & collection and so on.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our Art de Vivre packages.

Custom Packages

Not sure what package would work best for you? I designed my packages as a starting point… while knowing that every person is different. Contact me and I will build you a consistent package tailored to your needs. My work is bespoke and my goal is to refine you as a perfect lady, gent or business individual and help you to settle into your new life.

Personal shopper London, image consultant, personal stylist, style consultant, image consultant London, wardrobe consultant, fashion stylist London, etiquette lessons, social etiquette course.