This £10 mascara is the best in the World!!

Choosing your mascara is not always easy and whilst some go for the most expensive ones waiting for expensive results, after a survey made in the whole of Europe, L’Oréal Volume Millions Lashes has been elected the best in the world.

In terms of cosmetics, we tend to think that by putting the price, we will get the 3D volume eyelashes effect, Well, a recent survey conducted is wringing the neck of this idea.

To conduct its investigation, the survey studied closely a dozen volumizing mascaras, among the most sold in the industry. Several criteria were taken into account during the survey, like the ease of application of the product, its performance over the day and its effectiveness in terms of volume.

 In the end, the L’Oréal brand ranked first, with its L’Oréal Volume Millions Lashes, a well known to the brand’s customers. 

Another good point of L’Oréal mascara: its small price, since the product is sold from £7.99 on Amazon and up to £10.99 in supermarkets. So, what are you waiting for girls! Save yourself a few pounds and get yourself L’Oréal Volume Millions Lashes!!!

Spring is nearly there!!!

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to always be so well put together, while others, seem to always miss the mark? It’s not about the price tag as much as it is about the pairing.

The French have the CHIC to always look the part with classical pieces. As boring as it may sound, they are naturally chic with a twist.  They take the classics and play them up: timeless yet modern.

A great wardrobe is one that has items both new and old.It’s not about the label, it’s about well-made pieces of great quality. Well made classic items not only never fade from style, as Chanel always said, but if well maintained will truly stand the tests of time. There’s no need to get rid of your favourite cashmere sweater simply because you got it when you graduated college. Our team discuss fashion the other day and we discover that, some of us, have kept some piece for more than 15 years!!! There’s no need to toss aside that perfectly tailored navy Ralph Lauren blazer simply because it was your first real purchase. Simply give it a fresh modern-day look by pairing it with the right outfit.

Your wardrobe should always have:

  1. A SIMPLE black dress – a MUST for a night out when we have nothing to wear. You can accessorise it as you wish.
  2. A little white dress – a MUST for Spring.
  3. A classic tweed Chanel-style jacket
  4. A beige trench coat/camel’s hair coat
  5. Classic ballet flats (black/beige/red/pink)
  6. A pair of well-fitted denim jeans
  7. A pair of white jeans – a MUST for Spring.
  8. A nice silk scarf (to be worn many ways)
  9. Classic patterns (stripes/houndstooth/check/tartan) 
  10. Pearls! (The more the merrier!)
A beautiful white dress as a timeless piece of your Wardrobe – Celest Lifestyle
A simple white dress as a timeless piece of your Wardrobe – Celest Lifestyle

Happy Shopping everyone!!!

Celest Lifestyle Team

Detoxing & dieting after the Festive Season! 5 enermie​s of flat bellies


Obviously, eating raw vegetables is good for your health. Stuffed with vitamins, they are light, healthy and ideal for keeping fit.

But … pay attention to the amount consumed. Indeed, when we exceed the threshold of tolerance of our organism, eating raw vegetables can inflate the belly! Why? Because of the fibers, they contain irritating the intestine.


Cabbages have an unfortunate tendency to ferment in our intestines. As a result, the belly swells, you feel bad and all of this usually ends with nasty flatulence. So the trick, if you absolutely love Brussels sprouts is to always cook them twice, changing the cooking water.


The fibers they contain are long to digest and ferment in the stomach which inflates the belly!


It’s the lactose’s fault, a sugar digested by lactases. Some people have very little lactase. Suddenly, digestion is very complicated and leads to bloating not really pleasant. This is called lactose intolerance.


Stuffed with saturated fats, slices of bacon and other mortadella are very caloric and digested so very difficult.

Well, for the lovers of English breakfast, well good luck to have breakfast without beans, sausages, and bacon… As far as I am concerned I will pass on this diet… And would rather go twice more at the gym.


Getting out of a car with a skirt

With chicness and Class …

A useful skill that does require practice. The movements should flow and look effortless.

1/ put your skirt down as far as you can. If wearing a long enough skirt, put it down to cover your knees, and push the excess of fabric away from the car door so that it doesn’t impede your exit. You are going to need both hands for this manoeuvre, so give your handbag and shopping to someone wearing trousers.

2/ Open the car door, or smile sweetly as it is opened for you.

3/ put your feet on the ground, keeping your knees firmly together. 

4/ Swivel hips and upper body to follow legs.

5/ push up, either with both hands on the seat or one hand to the rear of the seat as you use the other hand to keep your skirt down or accept a helpful hand. Start to rise smoothly.

6/ DUCK! or rather, dip your head elegantly under the doorframe so you don’t knock yourself out. 

7/Check the feet. Make sure your feet are on stable ground, which is tricky in high heels, and that you can see where you are going to take your first step. You don’t want to do all this elegant stuff is in the fall flat on your nose.

8/Bottom out last. Unfold, smile and step away.

To get into a car, reverse the order. Bottom goes in first, head dips, knees swivel round. It is advisable to open the car door before starting this reverse manoeuvre.

NO NOs – Please Ladies…

A lovely weekend to all of you and happy new year!!!

Host in style – Fleur de Lys Napkins

If you want to entertain in style and impress your guests, it is important to dress the table perfectly and correctly. Set aside, the forks, glasses and plates, you want to go the extra miles with setting up your table with a cloth for each guest.

A standard table setting would consist of the following for each person:

– table mat

– cutlery for each course

– as side plate and butter knife

– glasses of each wine served plus a glass of water.

– your napkins which will give your table an amazing look especially if you can fold it and present it perfectly.

1 – Fold your square napkin into a triangle and bring the left and right corners towards the top corner.

2 – Fold the resulting diamond in half, from the bottom to top, and then fold towards you, in half again.

3 – Turn the napkin over and once again bring the left and right-hand corners together and tuck in.

4 – Stand the napkin upright and peel down the two side folds.

5 – Finally, peel down the top corner.

Poise is directly concerned with Good Deportment

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You can be decked out from head to toe in the most divine ensemble, but if you ain’t got the poise and posture, well Hun, you’re nowhere. Head-up! Shoulders back! Tummy in! Back straight! And here we go, walk elegantly from the hips

Practice makes perfects, and please, if you can not rock with heels, rock without 😉  For help, a natural deportment comes from practice, riding horses, ballet, and pilates are the best way to get it naturally without thinking about it! Enjoy!

Celest Team

Going to Paris?​ Here the top 3 trendiest and NEW places to go…


Are you going to Paris for the upcoming festivities? Here are the trendiest bars of the French capital you should not miss out and this is why…


1/ The Liquorium

The Liquorium is based11 rue Saint-Denis in the 1starrondissement of Paris.  It’s open from 8pm to 1 am on Wednesdays and until 2am the other nights.

Why popping up there? It’s new (open in April 2018) and more importantly you can be a mixologist for the night and realise your own cocktail. Fun guaranteed!

The Breizh Café

2/ The Breizh Café

The Breizh Café is located 14 rue des Petits Carreaux in the 2ndarrondissement of Paris. It’s open every day from 10am to 11pm.

Why popping up there? Amazing decoration, and one of the biggest cider bar of the French capital. Did I mention that their crepes are to die for?

3/ The Mezcaleria

The Mezcaleria.jpg

The Mezcaleria is located 13 Boulevard du Temple, in the 2ndarrondissement of Paris. It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday until 2am.

Why popping up there? This is the ultimate den of mescal lovers (tequila) with more than 100 choices. And out of sight, you can chill in soft cushions sipping delicious drinks.

Enjoy your trip to Paris!

Celest Lifestyle

Skin Mapping Analysis: the Solution to Understanding your Spots

Skin mapping analysis is recommended if you’re usually not prone to acne, but occasionally have spots on your face. To understand the causes and origins of these spots, we explain everything face-mapping is about to get the beautiful skin you deserve.

Spots on the forehead


You have either a hormonal imbalance, or it is your belly that sends you an alarm. To prevent your skin from producing too much sebum, learn to eat well, rebalance your diet and do a detox cure.

Best piece of advice: Drink green tea to eliminate toxins!

Spots on the jawline


Where is the problem? It’s the hormones!

Generally, these small buttons on the jaw appear in a period of rules.

Best piece of advice: hydrate yourself well and think about cleaning your face morning and evening with adapted products.

Spots on the chin


Where is the problem? Watch your diet!

If pimples appear on your chin, you have either a hormonal imbalance, or it is your stomach that is sending you an alarm.

To prevent your skin from producing too much sebum, learn to eat well, rebalance your diet and do a detox to cure your impurities. Drink green tea to eliminate toxins of your body!

Spots on the nose


Check your cholesterol levels! Junk food is convenient and too good for some. But it’s not necessarily the best thing to eat when you suffer from acne. To get rid of your imperfections, reduce all foods based on bad fats. Goodbye to pizzas, burgers, and other very sweet sodas.

Best piece of advice: favour good fats: eat avocado, olive oil, salmon, sardines, almonds and lots of dark green vegetables (like broccoli).

Spots on the cheeks


The first reason that could explain the appearance of spots on your cheeks is the state of your makeup brushes. They can easily be full of bacteria. They should, therefore, be cleaned very regularly (once a week). Same for the pillowcase! Change it every week so your face does not land on a bacteria nest whilst sleeping.

Spots between the eyebrows


Several factors can cause the appearance of spots between the eyebrows. Alcohol first. If your liver is abused by alcoholic beverages, it is imperative to take care of it. Drop the cocktails to detoxify your liver. And remember: alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.

Another possible reason? Food intolerance. Your body then raises an alert through rashes.

Best piece of advice: get rid of some food and check your skin reaction when you eat novelties.

And finally…

Spots on the temples

Watch out for your kidney!

Again, drink plenty of water and hydrate and forget about coffee. The goal here is to flush toxins out of your body. And of course, you do not have to wait for the spots to appear to drink water. It also works in prevention!

Good luck!

Autumn has defo started!  So, start your new beauty routine now and take care of yourself this winter enjoying the little tips we will be giving you this winter to get the most beautiful side of yourself next summer 2019! Believe me, it’s going to coming around very quickly.

Celest Lifestyle

Who are the luxury consumers of today?


Our world is changing, more and more consumers are able to buy luxury goods as never before. But where the world has more and more millionaires and billionaires, they do not consume the product in the same way, let’s see how different these consumers can be.

The 5 main Types of Luxury Consumers

The Aspirational Celest Lifestyle The Aspirationals: Aspirationals have $85,000 or more in annual income in developed markets or $29,000 in emerging markets and account for four out of every five luxury purchases. They aren’t big spenders individually, but together they account for a third of all luxury spending, says BCG.

lux2.jpgRising Middle Class: This group has incomes of $170,000 or more in the U.S. and $55,000 in emerging markets – which makes them far more affluent than the real “middle class.” They account for 25% of luxury spending.

New Money Households: New Money has investable assets of $1 million or more, and they spend about $90 billion a year on traditional luxury, or about a third of the market. New Money tends to like fashion and clothes.

Affluent-consumer-shopping-Rolls-Royce-465.jpgOld Money Households: The Old Money group inherited its money and is far more frugal, accounting for only 7% of luxury sales, says BCG. There are one million of these households in the markets studied.

Celest Lifestyle Nouveau RicheBeyond-Money Households: This group is self-made but unlike New Money, it eschews status and tasteless spending. There are about a half million of these households. When they do spend, they spend on watches, jewellery, furniture and decorations.

Tipping around the world

Hello fellow fashionistas

Upon my trip in Japan 🇯🇵 recently, a question came into my mind upon dinner. Am I expected to tip or not? In fact, this question came a billion times upon my summer tour around the world. Whilst in Austria, it’s consider rude not to, Japan as another way to deal with it.

In fact, tipping is not customary in Japan. It can be considered rude and insulting in many situations.

Be sure to put the tipping money inside of a decorative envelope and seal it before handing it to the recipient with a slight bow. Pulling money out of your wallet to use as a tip is generally frowned upon in Japan.

You’ve been warned! 😉😮