Going to Paris?​ Here the top 3 trendiest and NEW places to go…


Are you going to Paris for the upcoming festivities? Here are the trendiest bars of the French capital you should not miss out and this is why…


1/ The Liquorium

The Liquorium is based11 rue Saint-Denis in the 1starrondissement of Paris.  It’s open from 8pm to 1 am on Wednesdays and until 2am the other nights.

Why popping up there? It’s new (open in April 2018) and more importantly you can be a mixologist for the night and realise your own cocktail. Fun guaranteed!

The Breizh Café

2/ The Breizh Café

The Breizh Café is located 14 rue des Petits Carreaux in the 2ndarrondissement of Paris. It’s open every day from 10am to 11pm.

Why popping up there? Amazing decoration, and one of the biggest cider bar of the French capital. Did I mention that their crepes are to die for?

3/ The Mezcaleria

The Mezcaleria.jpg

The Mezcaleria is located 13 Boulevard du Temple, in the 2ndarrondissement of Paris. It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday until 2am.

Why popping up there? This is the ultimate den of mescal lovers (tequila) with more than 100 choices. And out of sight, you can chill in soft cushions sipping delicious drinks.

Enjoy your trip to Paris!

Celest Lifestyle

Enjoy your holiday but do not forget to …

Colour coordinate your clothes…

Don’t get us wrong—color is a good thing. But when it comes to packing a suitcase, ease up on those teals, magentas and fluorescent yellows. Unless you have the wardrobe to support it, it’ll be near impossible to throw together a fully-coordinated look on the fly. For easy outfit planning, pack 75 percent neutrals, leaving the remaining 25 percent for colorful pieces within the same family (i.e., pastels with pastels; earth tones with earth tones; jewel-hues with jewel-hues).

Enjoy your summer holidays and don’t forget to…

Check the weather

Your travel wardrobe should be chic, yes, but it should also be practical. And weather-appropriate wear is the touchstone of smart dressing. Headed somewhere rainy? A waterproof jacket, rain boots and layered clothing will be essential.

Or, if you’re desert-bound, load up on breathable, lightweight options for the day and sweaters and pants for (cooler) nights.

To get a sense of what kind of weather conditions await you at your destination, set a forecast alert on your iPhone and monitor the weather patterns in the days preceding your departure.

Have fun!

My Little Paris

Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And this summer million people are going to visit the most visit city on earth. And for us Londoners, it’s a quick getaway being 2 hours away from London. And as you may know, Stephanie Tumba, CEO and Founder of Sté Tumba Capital, which owns Celest Lifestyle, is from Paris.

And we believe she’s the best person to talk to when it comes to the city of lights. Here a few questions for her.

  1. Where are you from and where do you live?

I am from Paris and live in London.

  1. What is the best thing about living in Paris?

I absolutely love the food culture in France.

  1. What are the cities that people from another country should definitely visit?

I would recommend Paris (of course), Bordeaux (best vineyards), Biarritz (amazing beaches for surfers), Grenoble & Lyon (sea, ski, and good cuisine)

  1. What are the national dishes that everyone should try?

Duck à l’Orange is a pleasure for any palette.

  1. The best season to visit your country 

Spring. It’s not too cold not too hot. Paris can go up to 40 degrees in Summer.

  1. Share some photos that you took from different parts of France. 


  1. Are there any events or festivals that will be interesting for tourists in France? 

Top 3 would be Festival des Vieilles Charrues in Carhaix, Solidays in Paris and Electrobeach music festival in Le Barcarès.

  1. One thing which all tourists have to do when they are in France?

Try frogs and snails 😉

  1. Share with us some photos of Paris
  1. What are the top 5 sightseeing attractions that everyone must see in France?

In France: Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace, Mont-Saint-Michel, The Camargue and The Palais des Papes.

  1. Talking about food: the best place to eat in France?

May I pick 3, please …

Well,  Alain Ducasse in the Plaza Athénée Hotel,  Le Mirazur (Menton) and Hiély-Lucullus in Avignon.

  1. What is the best place for shopping in Paris?

Galeries Lafayette, 10am on Mondays 😉

  1. Are there any places that tourists rarely go to visit but they are really good? 

Place des Vosges

  1. Are there any interesting events or festivals in Paris

The Festival “Les Femmes S’en Mêlent” – the major event of the independent female music scene

  1. One thing to do for tourists when they are in Paris? 

Definitely climb the Eiffel Tower.

  1. Are there any places in and near Paris that definitely worth visiting?

Le Marais, Ile de la Cite, and Les Jardins du Luxembourg.

  1. Five words that can describe Paris?

Romantic, Delicious, Bold, sunshine, and beautiful.

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Godfrey Hotel Chicago Review


1/ Background (Purpose of the trip business or leisure, alone? How did I travel to the propriety? Easy to find?)

 We travelled to Chicago for our summer holiday so for leisure. We travel to the hotel by cab and it was easy for the cab driver to park and find it.

  2/ Check-in experience

  As far as I recalled, we checked in around noon. Their check in time is 4pm (too late!) and they didn’t have any room ready so we had to leave our suitcases at the reception.

 3/ Services offered by the hotel

As far as we know, they have: a gym, one or tow restaurants and a bar at the rooftop.

4/ What I liked the most

Decoration. Hip, chic, and trendy.

 5/ What I disliked most

Staff, they didn’t have an adaptor for UK/USA, which we found outraging for a so-called international hotel of this value. The wait of 20 minutes for a waiter to serve us at the restaurant (he was too busy chatting up his colleague ;-)).

6/ Checkout experience

Easy but the valet service wasn’t working and was inefficient. Valet from hotel next door, helped us out to get into our taxi.

7 Summary

 Location – 4/5 => 10 minutes walk to centre.

Welcome – 2/5 => Average, staff doesn’t look at you in the eyes, don’t greet you, don’t explain where is what, we didn’t know how to get to our bedroom, very average to what I am use to.

Room – 4/5 => nice room.

Bedding – Quality of Sleep – 5/5 => great

Staff – 2/5 => Please look above.

Cleanliness – 5/5 => impeccable.

Bathroom – 5 /5 => great with loads of toiletries and towels at out disposal.

Internet – Wi-Fi – 3/5 => not the best, but ok.

Value for money => 4/5

 9/ Will I go again?

No, I didn’t like the customer service/staff/valet service.

It took the hotel 4 weeks to refund our deposit and they do not respond to emails after your departure.

 10/ Hotel information (Check-in & Check out Times, Address, telephone, price, website)


 Check-in: 16h

Checkout: 11h

127 West Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654, USA

A security deposit of $100 per night (max $300) will be required upon arrival. The amount is fully refundable upon checkout, subject to a damage inspection to the exclusion of any damages.

Guests are required to show a photo identification and credit card upon check-in. Please note that all Special Requests are subject to availability and additional charges may apply.

Hope you have a better experience than us

Celest Lifestyle Team