This £10 mascara is the best in the World!!

Choosing your mascara is not always easy and whilst some go for the most expensive ones waiting for expensive results, after a survey made in the whole of Europe, L’Oréal Volume Millions Lashes has been elected the best in the world.

In terms of cosmetics, we tend to think that by putting the price, we will get the 3D volume eyelashes effect, Well, a recent survey conducted is wringing the neck of this idea.

To conduct its investigation, the survey studied closely a dozen volumizing mascaras, among the most sold in the industry. Several criteria were taken into account during the survey, like the ease of application of the product, its performance over the day and its effectiveness in terms of volume.

 In the end, the L’Oréal brand ranked first, with its L’Oréal Volume Millions Lashes, a well known to the brand’s customers. 

Another good point of L’Oréal mascara: its small price, since the product is sold from £7.99 on Amazon and up to £10.99 in supermarkets. So, what are you waiting for girls! Save yourself a few pounds and get yourself L’Oréal Volume Millions Lashes!!!

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