Spring is nearly there!!!

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to always be so well put together, while others, seem to always miss the mark? It’s not about the price tag as much as it is about the pairing.

The French have the CHIC to always look the part with classical pieces. As boring as it may sound, they are naturally chic with a twist.  They take the classics and play them up: timeless yet modern.

A great wardrobe is one that has items both new and old.It’s not about the label, it’s about well-made pieces of great quality. Well made classic items not only never fade from style, as Chanel always said, but if well maintained will truly stand the tests of time. There’s no need to get rid of your favourite cashmere sweater simply because you got it when you graduated college. Our team discuss fashion the other day and we discover that, some of us, have kept some piece for more than 15 years!!! There’s no need to toss aside that perfectly tailored navy Ralph Lauren blazer simply because it was your first real purchase. Simply give it a fresh modern-day look by pairing it with the right outfit.

Your wardrobe should always have:

  1. A SIMPLE black dress – a MUST for a night out when we have nothing to wear. You can accessorise it as you wish.
  2. A little white dress – a MUST for Spring.
  3. A classic tweed Chanel-style jacket
  4. A beige trench coat/camel’s hair coat
  5. Classic ballet flats (black/beige/red/pink)
  6. A pair of well-fitted denim jeans
  7. A pair of white jeans – a MUST for Spring.
  8. A nice silk scarf (to be worn many ways)
  9. Classic patterns (stripes/houndstooth/check/tartan) 
  10. Pearls! (The more the merrier!)
A beautiful white dress as a timeless piece of your Wardrobe – Celest Lifestyle
A simple white dress as a timeless piece of your Wardrobe – Celest Lifestyle

Happy Shopping everyone!!!

Celest Lifestyle Team

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