Detoxing & dieting after the Festive Season! 5 enermie​s of flat bellies


Obviously, eating raw vegetables is good for your health. Stuffed with vitamins, they are light, healthy and ideal for keeping fit.

But … pay attention to the amount consumed. Indeed, when we exceed the threshold of tolerance of our organism, eating raw vegetables can inflate the belly! Why? Because of the fibers, they contain irritating the intestine.


Cabbages have an unfortunate tendency to ferment in our intestines. As a result, the belly swells, you feel bad and all of this usually ends with nasty flatulence. So the trick, if you absolutely love Brussels sprouts is to always cook them twice, changing the cooking water.


The fibers they contain are long to digest and ferment in the stomach which inflates the belly!


It’s the lactose’s fault, a sugar digested by lactases. Some people have very little lactase. Suddenly, digestion is very complicated and leads to bloating not really pleasant. This is called lactose intolerance.


Stuffed with saturated fats, slices of bacon and other mortadella are very caloric and digested so very difficult.

Well, for the lovers of English breakfast, well good luck to have breakfast without beans, sausages, and bacon… As far as I am concerned I will pass on this diet… And would rather go twice more at the gym.


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