This summer: Tie? Or no tie?

A few weeks ago, John Bercow allows male MPs to dispense with neckties, ending longstanding convention in the House of Commons. The news will come as great respite to men looking to shake off the fusty sartorial tradition as temperatures outside hit 30 degrees.

It’s even a good news (or bad) for the industry as figures showed that the number of men who buy more than one tie a year has steadily dropped since 2009.

Some of the high-end menswear labels have already spotted the niche and their designers are creating shirts that are meant to be worn without a tie.

Here are the shirts we like:


The button down shirt


À la Tom Ford, it’s ideal with a jacket as your collar won’t look messy.

Abbreviated spread shirt


It is considered as the smarter, sportier and smaller variant of the normal spread type of collar. This is a very versatile type of collar. It can be worn with or without a necktie.

Beware, losing the necktie can fade your look, so you need to be wary of your general appearance…

Our top 3 tips would be:

1/ Nail the fit. Avoid a sloppiness look.

2/ Undo two buttons. The tie-less appearance is not a buttoned-up look, so neither should your shirt be. You’ll definitely want to unbutton at least two of your shirt buttons. Make sure to pick a V-neck style undershirt. An undershirt showing looks bogan! i

3/ Add colours and accessories. Be edgy! Buy special shirts with a bit of colour, get a nice watch, a lapel pin, pocket handkerchiefs, and so on…


Picture from the 


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