Personal Grooming – Act like a Lady

A lady will always make herself pleasant to be around if not you won’t be invited twice at the same place or your friends will carefully select where they can “show” you or who they can “introduce” yourself to.

If you have awful teeth, have them fixed to the best natural looking way. Nobody wants a Colgate lookalike bleaching looking teeth.

If you wear the same perfume every day, beware!!!! You will become immune to it and spray a toxic amount of it intoxicating your friends. More importantly, perfumes come in different strengths, the most expensive ones are the strongest, please use responsively as follow:

  • Perfumes => a hint wherever you like will suffice;
  • Eau de parfum (Perfume Extract) a dab wherever you like will do;
  • Eau de toilette (a couple of quick bursts)


Little tip that I do just before living my flat, I spray perfume into the air in front of me and walk into the cloud. t’s enough to settle and make you smell alluring!!!

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