Being a lady

Happy New Year! A new year, a new you! Here is a fantastic category for you… Be the lady you deserve to be... Act like a Lady and you will attract gentleman and the best people you can possibly meet… Here you go!

A lady will always look poised, effortless, and more importantly unruffled. She will have in her wardrobe well-cut, flattering outfits, suitable for her figure, in proper fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, and silk, leaving the ugly 100% polyester clothing in the shops where they belong!

A Lady’s clothes will always be appropriate for the occasion or the time pf the day. And believe me, this level of chicness,  it’s not easy to achieve. Nothing screams more “trashy”  than a woman with too tight clothing or dressing like she’s going to Cannes for a Sunday brunch.

Examples of unladylike woman by Celest Lifestyle

Examples of unladylike items:

  • low-cut and too-tight white jeans;
  • cheap see through white skirts and trousers;
  • fake leather;
  • fake brands (rather have a  nice looking Guess bag than a fake Louis Vuitton bag);
  • over-worn shoes and anything else.

Lady Faux Pas by Celest LIfestyle Blog

Of course, there will be time when you will really need to stand out amor the crowd. For this you will need confidence to wear this outrageous hat, cleavage, or high fashion dress. Chin down, furtive eye contact, and awkward body language will make you look  like a gigantic Asda bag in a Dior shop even if it fits you like a glove.

All through this category, Celest Lifestyle (Lifestyle and Fashion consultancy  agency based in Chelsea ,London) will give you tips to look like the lady you deserve to be.

Celest Lifestyle Team

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