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Celest Lifestyle, International Shopper & Personal Stylist

Celest Lifestyle is a leading international lifestyle consulting agency offering a highly personalised service for discerning individuals and corporations. Our bespoke service is especially aimed at those seeking counsel on appearance of a personal shopping agency in London, behaviour, etiquette, fashion styling, international protocol, feminine image (transition from male to female), and overall profile enhancement.

You can be a beauty pageant contestant, a cancer survivor, a lawyer, his client, a politician, a politician’s wife, a single woman seeking a relationship, a transgender, transitioning (feminine comportment, wardrobe styling, and feminising makeup), the spouse of a recently promoted executive or TV personality – Celest Lifestyle, and its team of professional image consultants,  assist you to identify your individual needs and design an attitude and a look that suits your personality and lifestyle. We can help you create the image you want to project, whether it is in your social or professional life. We provide high-quality, uniquely tailored etiquette, wardrobe and image management practices that are chic, discreet, French-inspired and easily incorporated into everyday life.

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